Reading List

Thu Nov 01 2018
Hal Foster, 'Bad New Days: Art, Criticism, Emergency'
Tue Oct 23 2018
Boris Groys, 'Curating in the Post-Internet Age',
Fri Oct 19 2018
Diana L. Eck, 'Darshan of the Image'
Fri Oct 19 2018
Robert Henri, 'The Art Spirit'
Fri Jul 27 2018
danah boyd, 'It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens'
Fri Jul 20 2018
Eugene Thacker, ‘Infinite Resignation’
Wed Jul 18 2018
Frances Stracey, ‘Pinot-Gallizio’s Industrial Painting: Towards a Surplus of Life’
Tue Jul 03 2018
Anthony Kiendl, ‘Informal Architectures‘
Tue Jul 03 2018
Johannes Itten, ‘The Art of Color’
Wed Jun 27 2018
Johannes Itten, 'The Elements of Color'
Wed Dec 27 2017
Jonathan Sterne, ‘The MP3 as Cultural Artifact’
Thu Nov 02 2017
N. Katherine Hayles, ‘How We Became Posthuman’
Sat Oct 21 2017
Henri Bergson, ‘The Delimiting and Fixing of Images’
Sat Oct 14 2017
Tara McPherson, ‘U.S. Operating Systems at Mid-Century: The Intertwining of Race and UNIX’
Sat Oct 14 2017
Loretta Todd, ‘Aboriginal Narratives in Cyberspace’
Fri Oct 13 2017
Kara Keeling, ‘Queer OS’
Thu Oct 12 2017
Susan Sontag, ‘Against Interpretation’
Thu Oct 12 2017
Hubert Dreyfus, ‘What Computers Still Can’t Do’
Thu Oct 05 2017
Martin Heidegger, 'The Origin of the Work of Art'
Fri Sep 22 2017
Rosalind Krauss, 'Sculpture in the Expanded Field'
Fri Sep 22 2017
Gilles Deleuze, 'Francis Bacon: The Logic of Sensation'
Tue Sep 19 2017
Brian Massumi, 'On the Superiority of the Analog'
Wed Sep 13 2017
Elizabeth Grosz, 'The Incorporeal'
Wed Sep 06 2017
Jonathan Crary, 'Techniques of the Observer'
Mon Sep 04 2017
Boris Groys, 'Art, Technology, and Humanism,'