Still Alive / The Banff Centre — 08/25/16

Now all packed up, its hard to believe that just a few days ago this was my studio in the Banff Centre. Thanks to Mark Clintberg, all the participants, and the Banff Centre staff for making Still Alive such a memorable experience — one that will surely influence my work for years to come.

Still Alive / The Banff Centre — 07/16/16

Happy to be participating in the Still Alive Residency at the Banff Centre led by Mark Clintberg for the months of July and August. The residency focus is to investigate the genre of the Still Life and all it’s hidden potential. Banff is quite simply a beautiful and powerful place; I feel very grateful to be here. #tbcstillalive

Lalakenis / All Directions — 03/31/16

Psyched today… Thanks again Beau for including me in #Lalakenis

Final Pour for Good Delivery

After four years of what included planning, preparation, and production, I am happy to report that the final pour of the ‘Good Delivery’ penny-melting project is complete. Find a video clip of the final pour above, and head over to my YouTube channel to check out more videos of the pours.

Academic Paper Theme for Ulysses Writing App

For all of my writing I use a Mac app called Ulysses. The Ulysses app is unique because it is a simple text editor that supports the markdown format and separates presentation from content through the use of a stripped-down user interface. Essentially, the writing environment contains hardly anything that could distract you from the act of writing. The document’s presentation layer only gets added when you export, and its customizable — you can write your own presentation layer or download ones that others have made for free from the Ulysses online marketplace. You can even download the theme that I wrote by going here